0000…Latest Changes

Please sign my petition and save a life?
A Smile in the Sky, Pilot creates an emoji in the sky.
Pollution around Europe Before and after lockdown. A review of major cities in France, Germany, Italy,  Spain and the UK.
Bristol Temple Way Emissions Before and after lockdown. It seems as though some emissions have risen not fallen. Comments welcome.
NHS Thank You Selection  My thanks to the NHS, a special selection of 30 of my Short Stories which can be downloaded for free.
005c  Updated with figures for January 20th showing how close the Electricty supply is to shutting down.
005b…Germany Electricity the future when nuclear, and coal are shut down.
Some thoughts.
005a…UK Power Deficit UK Future Electricity Supply – Some Thoughts.

Obituary notice for Jonathan Kerton

003…My Short Stories
Update to show my latest book, ‘Mostly of Dragons’ also a new story to read.

017…Bristol No Parking Charges?
Extracts from an old charter giving Bristolians  right of travel without tolls?

007…Bristol’s Boiling Wells and Quay Pipe
Added a note on the earliest reference to the conduit on the Quay