030…Kerton – Kirton Genealogy

Kerton – Kirton Family Tree

This family tree show the origins of the Kerton Kirton Kearton names from medieval times with coats of arms and historical narratives.

And a colourful PDF with coats of arms and other relevant information, thanks to Jonathan Kirton of Canada. The PDFs can be downloaded from these links.

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A reconstruction of the probable descent from Sir Conan de Kirketon, Knight.

_Study_, Kirketon _Kirton_Revision _Q-7_

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Kirtons_Kertons Probable Descent from the Middle Ages

These trees show Kertons across England

Ashwick Kertons

Wiltshire Kertons

West Cranford & Cloford Kertons

Wells to West Harptree Kertons.

Stoke in Teignhead & Topsham Kertons

Axbridge, Brent, Berrow, & Lympsham Kertons

This is an interesting note from Steve who was researching the history of Ann Body.

Ann Body was born in Biddisham in 1841, listed at home in 1851 aged 10. In 1861 she is listed as visiting the Kerton family in 1861 James and Joanne, Ann is listed as a gentleman’s servant. It looks like Ann had an affair with James and as a result got pregnant having Mary Ann Body in a workhouse in 1867 in Axbridge, no father listed, she is later listed at work in 1871 as a servant to Samuel Goard in Weston Super Mare whilst her daughter is staying with James Body her Uncle. In 1881 Ann, aged 40, is at home with her parents, she is listed as a dressmaker. Throughout 1860 to 1881 Ann known as Annie is a constant visitor to Caroline and James Blackmore in Bristol, often staying with them at Christmas. Ann eventually marries her ex love James Kerton following the death of Joanne Kerton in 1882 and is listed in Somerset in 1891 as Ann Kerton. In 1901 they are living at Brent Street, Brent Knoll, Somerset. James Kerton was born in Lympsham in 1935, a farmer of 66 acres, he died in 1909 aged 74. In 1911 aged 70 Ann is visiting her daughter in Leeds. Ann died in 1927 aged 86 in Axbridge region.


This document is the New Conclusions and Source Records for the Studies of the  Kirketon / Kyrketon / Kirton / Kerton / Kyrton / Keyrton & Kearton, etc. name, especially in Grinton Parish, in Swaledale & throughout Richmondshire in the old North Riding of Yorkshire, between circa 1250 and 1800.

New Conclusions_ Kirketon _ Kearton _ Kirton _Rev._K-1_

THE RUIN AT KIRTON The Manor of the ‘de Kirketon’ family

The Ruin at Kirton. Rev. _ L _ 11 Nov., 2013
A bricked-up entrance-archway building at KIRTON in Holland, Lincolnshire, England, which was torn down in 1925-6, which had stood just off the Willington Road as the entrance to the drive up to what had once been the early, moated, stone manor-house of the ‘de Kirketon’ family, and later of the ‘de Littlebury’ famiiy, until it eventually came into the possession of members of the ‘de Meres / Meeres’ family, and still later came into the hands of the Orme family, so that it came to be known as “Orme Hall”, until it was finally fully dismantled in the year 1818.


J G Kirton 2

KIRTON, Jonathan Grenville
Born August 11, 1934 at Purley Oaks, Surrey, England passed away on April 5, 2019 in Hudson, Quebec at age 84.

The writer’s family tree

Jonathans Family Tree

James Kearton’s 1670 Bill of Complaint concerning the ownership of Oxnop Manor

 The Answer of Anthony Kearton re Oxnop in 1682


Kirton Memorial

Kirton Memorial-2

Thorpe Mandeville Ladies

Kirton Memorialf

Abbot Edmund Kirton, engr of brass now gone in St Michaels chape


Coat of arms composite for web